Video, 2012
01:55 (black & white, stereo sound)

Work originally made for the project Moby Dick Big Read, curated by Philip Hoare and Angela Cockayne, in response to the Pequod’s long search for the White Whale.

I think of the old journeys at sea, about the anticipation and the wait, crossing the ocean in search of whales, of unknown lands, of adventure. And then I think of the families of the travellers waiting at home while these long, very long, voyages took place. The ship became a home for the mariners for long periods of time, some lasting years.

So I re-imagine the home becoming a new world on its own. A universe of unsettled scale where the resounding ticking of the clock is in fact the clicking song of sperm whales, the dining table becoming an ocean and the doily a compex net of tracks. And my grandfather’s model ship, half torn, half forgotten, can sail again to the ghostly tune of an imaginary sea-shanty, over the unmoving sea of wood and glass.

And Not a Voyage Complete from Hondartza Fraga on Vimeo.