I am delighted that my video work Passages for the World will be included in the exhibition “El ayer presente” (The Yesterday Present), curated by Juan Várez from proposals of the club members.

I am one of the youngest artists included in a show with pieces by Candida Höfer, Imogen Cunningham, Antonio López y Miquel Barceló. So it is really exciting.

Club Matador is a Project conceived and developed by its founding members with a desire to create a unique experience. The Club has been set up following the spirit of the magazine Matador. Its aim is to become a meeting place for professionals of all ages, origins, fields and cultural backgrounds. Thus being able to enjoy and contribute to an exclusive atmosphere.

The magazine Matador, directed by Alberto Anaut, aims to open the cultural debate. Conceived and produced in Spain, Matador is an eminently international magazine. Its production is in the hands of the very best signatures. Photographers, writers and artists are the authors of a unique product in which the standard of the texts and the impact of the images have become an obsession. Matador’s project is radical. Born in 1995, it is published yearly and is committed to producing 28 issues over the course of 28 years, from 1995 to 2022. It is the magazine of a generation that is knowledgeable, cosmo-political, critical and open to the interests of our times. Just like Club Matador.

For more info about the club and this exhibition visit: http://clubmatador.com/