I am very pleased to be included in the exhibition The Whole Wide World at The International 3 in Manchester.

18th April – 29th May

Weds – Fri 12pm – 5pm / other times by appointment
The Whole Wide World

Noel Clueit / Joana Escoval / Hondartza Fraga/Emma Hart/ Ludwig Karl Koch/ Philip Newcombe / Joe Fletcher Orr / Laura Pawela /

The Whole Wide World, is a group exhibition that celebrates the power of the modest gesture to communicate complex narratives about our relationships to ourselves, to one another and to the natural world. The title of the exhibition alludes to a line in Blake’s poem, Auguries of Innocence, where the diminutive scale of a grain of sand acts as a cypher for the entire planet. Drawn together by their use of unassuming materials, disarmingly simple processes or their small-scale, the works in The Whole Wide World combine to create an exhibition which is visually quiet yet notionally loud.

More info at: http://www.international3.com/