I have been commissioned by Vespertine York and Pilot Theatre to create three animations for their latest play ‘A Restless Place’ bby Juliana Mensah, directed by Katie Posner. The play takes place at York Castle Museum.

The play runs from Monday 26th till Friday 31st October. To book visit: Click Here

This is a unique opportunity to experience one of York’s heritage sites in a completely new and unexpected way. Enter through the locked doors of the York Castle Museum into corridors and cells housing lost voices and found stories, tales of home and the search for belonging. Verbatim testimonies blend with folktale as you meet characters drawn from both myth and reality on their journeys into the unknown.

Alongside the play there will be a special evening event, Vespertine (VESP#05), on Wednesday 28th, part of festival Illuminating York. My animations will light up the cells accompanied by a soundscape of stories taken directly from the play.

Vespertine is an innovative and accessible programme of intriguing, spectacular and unique art events taking place monthly in the early evening gap between work and play. Vespertine is developed by its co-producers, Lucy Barker and Yvonne Carmichael, in response to discussions with the partner organisations.

Vespertine event, Wednesday 28th October. FREE. To Book: Click Here

Still from one of the animations