I am very excited to exhibit my series Saturn Incognito at the upcoming exhibition ‘Drawn to Investigate’ at The Ruskin, Lancaster University. I will also be presenting at the related conference ‘Drawing Conversations 3’ on Friday 17th of January.

Exhibition dates: 10-16 January with a late opening evening on Thursday 16th of January.

‘Drawn to Investigate’ explores the potential of drawing as an investigative tool to make meaningful contributions to knowledge outside the arts. It brings together a range of examples of contemporary drawing with a relationship to ‘scientific’ research.

Drawing is historically associated with knowledge generation and critical investigation in the sciences. This exhibition will examine how drawing today continues to work across the porous boundary between observation and expression, empiricism and invention in a range of investigative practices. ‘Science’ is used in the most inclusive sense, embracing all forms of thorough investigation, spanning anthropology to astrophysics, conservation to mathematics, forensics to zoology. This approach builds on John Ruskin’s advocacy of drawing as a way of seeing and understating the world and his prescient understanding of the impact of industrialisation on the natural environment.

For more info on the exhibition click here.

Conference Drawing Conversations 3: Drawing Talking to the Sciences. A one day conference bringing together practice and perspectives on drawing used as an investigative tool in a range of research areas outside the arts. For more info and tickets click here.

My participation in this event is supported by a Small Award from the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities.