Animation, 2021

A animation of one hundred photomosaics. Each photomosaic is made using the archive of raw images from the Cassini space-research mission to Saturn. Each photomosaic contains 3995 tiles or cells and overall, the animation contains all of the Cassini raw image archive, a collection of nearly 400,000 images. The Cassini raw images act as library images to construct a new target image, the target in each of the photomosaics is the famous painting by Francisco de Goya, Saturn (circa 1820-23). The works seeks to collide two seemingly diametrically opposed representations of Saturn. This work was first exhibited at Espacio Alexandra (Santander, Spain) in March 2021.

Installation View at Espacio Alexandra, March 2021. From Left to right: Saturn Incognito (Negative Drawing), From Dark Matter to White Noise, and Saturn Incognito (Positive Prints).