Letting it Settle is the first exhibition of new work by hyphae drawing collective. Newly formed, we came together earlier this year as participants of a pilot drawing programme. The works I am presenting in this exhibition are part of my current research and could not have been possible without the intense remote working alongside this fantastic group of artists.

Letting it Settle open dates are Thursday 9th to Monday 13th of September, 11-17h daily, in Touchbase Gallery, 15 Tontine Street, Folkstone, CT20 1JT.

To find out more about the exhibition and hyphae drawing collective https://hyphaedrawing.art/

Letting it settle is an exhibition of new work by hyphæ drawing collective: a group of ten artists who all value drawing as a vital part of their creative practice. This show gathers together drawings that emerged from six weeks of intensive remote collaboration.

The collective met online during the lockdown of early 2021, through the Drawing Correspondence development programme. Gradually this shared work evolved into a community based on mutual support and joint explorations of drawing and of what it might become for each.

They borrow their name, hyphæ, from the branching filaments of fungus that form the mycelium – a buried web of communication and nourishment between the trees in a forest. Letting it settle is a first union of drawings made while physically separate, but regularly present in the practice of drawing together. Online co-presence, and the conversations and connections it allowed to flourish, became the basis of a shared space of vulnerability and trust, within which experiments and new growth could happen.

These drawings can be seen as material thoughts, silting into an organic substrate, an understory. Affinities of touch and sensibility emerge. Charcoal, graphite, ink; marks, scratches and layers – together these form a tangle of resonances, accumulations and drifts of pigment and ideas, sub-plots and strands that connect each to the other. They very much appreciate your attention.

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